Zenith Bank Staff ‘Corners’ Customer’s One Billion Naira


According to inside sources, some Zenith Bank staff members of their Ilupeju Branch in Lagos have been nabbed for Cornering one billion naira belonging to their Customer -An aviation company.

According to inside sources’ ,They transferred to money to the account of one Mallam that changes money in Abuja and then physically picked up the money in Dollars and pounds from him and returned to Lagos.

A few Months later the Alhaji was arrested and after a few days in detention,he was taken to the Bank where he identified one of the men who had come to collect the Forex in cash from him and they were rounded up and are presently being investigated.

Sources reveal that the deed was done with a Lebanese who worked in the Aviation company but is presently on the run.
One of the Bank Staff has also allegedly used his share to buy a house somewhere on the Island.

The case is being whispered in hushed tones in Zenith Bank branches whilst investigations go on….

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