You Introduced Me To Cocaine, Prostitutes And Disease’: Note Written By Jim Carrey’s Ex-girlfriend 2 Years Before Her Suicide


In a newly-discovered note that she wrote two years before taking her own life, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend blamed the actor for exposing her to a life of sex and drugs and scorned him for ‘giving her’ herpes.
The note was written by Catriona White on April 8, 2013, on her iPad. 
It is not known if she ever sent it to Carrey before she took her own life on September 28, 2015. She died just short of two weeks after 30th birthday.
At the time, she and Carrey had broken up after she told him about testing positive for herpes. He maintains that he never had the disease and that she contracted it before they met.

The note was discovered by lawyers working on behalf of her family in a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey, 55. Daily Mail reports.

They say he gave her the pills to kill herself after obtaining them in a false name and allege that he gave her STDs without warning her.


The note reads

You have not thought about the stigma I have to live with for the rest of my life, you have not apologized or once asked is there something you can do to make it better or even felt bad for it.
Or even ask me how I’m feeling about it. Instead you did a whole lot of screaming and turned it around on me.
Have you even once sat down and really thought how this affects me? I still love you and I believed that you sent that text because you cared about me.
I was going to tell my lawyer that I didn’t want to go any further with it when I realized you changed lawyers and you were advised to text me. It wasn’t coming from you at all, you probably hate me and are saying whatever is necessary.
‘The decent thing to do, what is that? I think keeping quiet and private about it when I want to scream from the rooftops is a decent thing to do . You know what I want and it’s nothing to do with money.
‘I didn’t get a lawyer so I can take your money and I’m probably going to get in trouble for texting you. I’m sure you will use it against me but I wanted to say this Thursday. Whatever the lawyers decide to do I don’t care.
This is what I want, you gave me hsv and hpv, I want you to apologize for it because you care enough to. I want you to understand that however little a thing seems to you, it ruins a girl’s life.
‘I want you to take care when you are with other girls and pay attention to your body your actions effect people. I don’t want to be disrespected like you have been doing.
‘Before you, I might not have had very much but I had respect, I was a happy person. I loved life, I was confident and I felt good in my skin and was proud of most decisions I made, I met you, you introduced me to cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease. You did good things for me but being with you broke me down as a person Jim. I was promise Jekyll and instead I got Hyde.
‘Because I love you I would have stuck out Hyde all year and done everything he wanted to be with Jekyll for 5 of those but you threw me away when you absorbed anything worthwhile that was left of me.’ 

On Friday, just as White’s 2013 note was obtained by, Carrey dropped the bombshell that he had already paid her an undisclosed sum of money in 2013 to settle her STD claims and that her mother and ex-husband’s current attempt to get more from him amounts to extortion.

He did not reveal how much money he paid her but said is now demanding that he be given back three times as much.
The star dismissed their accusation that he caused her death and said instead that she decided to take her own life because she felt guilty about extorting him two years earlier and that she was upset about a message her mother had sent her two weeks before she died.

Carrey said it was a ‘mistake’ to settle the claims in 2013 with White and her former lawyer Filippo Marchino and vowed: ‘I will not give in a second time.’

On October 20 2012, he claimed he told her he would not marry her but that he wanted to continue dating and would help her gain legal status in the country by hiring her an immigration attorney. 
The next day, she drafted a suicide note – one of three written before she died – which described him as a ‘wonderful human being’. 
Carrey claimed his decision not to marry her turned her ‘bitter and angry’ and that she ‘lashed out’ when he told her to ‘ease off’.

‘Dissatisfied, Cat soon became bitter and angry, taking Jim’s decision not to marry her as rejection.
‘She began placing more pressure on him, including sending him a text adding his last name to hers, “Cathriona Anne Carrey… how does that sound,'” his lawsuit claimed.

He claimed she continued to put pressure on him to marry her and alleged that this was the reason he called off their romance.

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