You Are Not Fit If You See These 6 Signs

Your body is the place you live in. You have to take good care of it by being fit and keeping it in shape. However, quite a large chunk of people are not bothered about whether they are fit or not as far as they wake up in the morning and go wherever they want.

The only time they are concerned about their body is when they are ill. This is not good. Being fit can ward off heart ailment and other cancerous diseases. But still, you make very minute effort to keep fit.

In line with this, see the signs that you are definitely not fit. It may be time to exercise.

1.     It takes forever for your heart rate to slowRelated image

Your age determines how quick your heart rate will slow. For a young man, it shouldn’t take several minutes for his heart beat to relax. However, because you are out of shape, your heart’s still pounding for another five minutes. You are not fit.

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