Wow! Guess Who The Most Famous Person On Twitter Is

Wow! That’s what dropped from my mouth when I saw that Kary Perry is the most famous person on twitter with 80.4 million followers. I’m like what the hell is she tweeting? She’s not even trying as hard as Kim K and her crew and she lands 84.4 million?
Infact, the people following the list are not people you would expect. Imagine, Justin Beiber and Taylor swift respectively are on her heels. Hilarious though.The 31-year-old singer – who created her account in 2009 – has been crowned the queen of the social networking site after she became the first person to reach 80 million followers.
Imagine, she went ahead to say, ” ‘I would say 90 per cent of my Tweets, I’ve just made them up and you can tell because many of them are misspelled and full of typos”.

You see, its not by tweet fighting, or retweeting, or trailer jam sef, jus kuu dan! You will get yar own!

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