Would You Rather Stay Home Or Go Out And Work For The Same Amount Of Money?

Alright, so basically here, you’ll just be helping me, because I’m on some sort of survey and I need your honest opinion because every one of it would count.
So this is it, if you were paid one hundred and twenty one thousand naira as your monthly income at work, and you get the same amount just for you to sit home and do nothing, would you rather stay home or still go out and work?
Somehow it sounds too easy, so I’ll explain further. Some people like to go out everyday, see other people and all, to them its not about the work, its about the fun in leaving their house everyday, while some don’t even want to get out of bed for any reason at all and still be making money, so please, let us answer sincerely.

Please leave your answers in the comment section below, thank you.

12 Replies to “Would You Rather Stay Home Or Go Out And Work For The Same Amount Of Money?”

  1. I will rather work than stay at home… Cuz the house will b very boring and besides I don’t like depending on people so staying at home will not work…

  2. Working builds you to be more professional,and exposes you to more opportunities… So it’s Grind till i shine and Ball till i Fall!

  3. Being idle is boring. Self Development pays better. Hence, i’ll rather work. Working is better because it’s your network, and network turns to potentials and potentials yeild better fruits. Which is more money, eventually. And that is so much fun.

  4. I will stay at home and make the money Jere…which stupid friend am I going out to see? I would even start up a small business so that the money can multiply….Pls edakun, show me that job so that I can apply asap

  5. For me, i’d prefer to work for the money. Not because I’m a workaholic but because for me, there’s a kind of self satisfaction that comes with earning my own money.

  6. Omo, na work I go work o because as a mother of two na house wahala go kill me if I no comot go work. Abeg, make I dey comot everyday na hin I get to rest from house work o

  7. I’d rather go out and work. You get to socialise and might end up getting a fatter pay than when you stay at home

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