Woman Pours Hot Water On Boy Because Of 100 Naira

A trader in the Apapa area of Lagos state has been arrested for allegedly brutalizing a 12 year old boy by pouring hot water on him because of 100 naira. Punch Metro reports that Abasi, the trader, who hails from Nnewi Anambra State poured hot nwater on the boy because he collected 100 naira from their neighbour Usman to buy a pair of socks to wear to school withput her knowledge.

Okorie, who is in Junior Secondary School 1, also worked as a sales assistant for Abasi, who sold cloth materials in the Oyingbo Market.
It was gathered that last Monday when schools resumed, Okorie told Abasi that he would need to buy a pair of socks for school. It was gathered that when Abasi learnt that the boy had collected money from Usman to buy the pair of socks, she became angry and beat up the boy.

The 12-year-old was said to have ran to the kitchen during the flogging. Abasi allegedly grabbed an electric kettle of boiling water and emptied it on the boy.

From the woman’s side of teh story, she said she didnt mean to brutalize him that way, that se was just angry. She said everyone knows she treats Okorie like her son.

She said, “On Monday, pupils resumed school, and Chinedu (Okorie) told me he needed a pair of socks and I said I would buy them for him. Unfortunately, when I came back, I forgot. Later, our neighbour said Chinedu collected N100 from him to buy the pair of socks. I was angry. I queried him and warned him against the behaviour. On Thursday, I gave him N100 to buy another pair of socks. When he came back, he told me he used the money for something else. So, I beat him up”.

“There were times when I gave him N1,000 to go and buy fuel. He would spend three hours and later say he misplaced the money. So, I disciplined him on Thursday.

“He ran into the kitchen, and that was when I mistakenly poured the water on him.

“I sell clothes at the Oyingbo Market. He is my domestic help. I brought him from his village in Enugu State about four years ago. The boy is stubborn. I am not a bad woman.

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