Will My GF Break Up With Me When Her EX is Back???

Question (Anonymous):

Good day Teekay, kindly hide my ID. My girlfriend always tell me that there is a guy (her first love) though they are not together anymore that whenever he is back that is the end between us, thus I want to call it a quits with her please am I on the right track ? Notify me when posted please.
Yes!!! You are not just on the right track, you are on the ONLY track that will lead to you not regretting for life.
You are not a second option (even twins don’t get born at the exact same time). You are unique.
If she will break up with you when her former BF comes back, doesn’t that mean that if she finds another man that she feels is better than that her former BF, she will leave you (without notice sef)?
Kindly joyfully break up with her – She’s not THE ONE
NB: It will not be easy to break up with her (cos you love her) but it is something you have to do to protect yourself from a pending heartbreak (it’s definitely coming).

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