Why Science Says You Should Be Naked More Often

The joys of being in the buff and loving your body are plentiful. Body positivity is the only way to go, as far as we’re concerned. And to back up our claim, the Today Show just put out new information from some leading experts and doctors who believe being naked is not only beautiful, but actually healthy too.

Nude young woman facing her back to camera

Sleeping naked has plenty of benefits. Not only does it help your relationship, but it may increase your odds of getting a great night of sleep. A cool 65 degrees is the optimal room temperature for best sleep, and can help your body work better at increasing your “brown fat” (the good fat that helps destroy the bad fat and keeps your metabolism going). Shedding clothes can also help let your skin breathe and keep skin from getting inflamed or infected due to restrictive clothing that might make you sweat during your sleep.

Nude woman in yoga position

Being naked outside (hehe) can also help you out. Just 10-15 minutes in the sun can increase your vitamin D intake and help with your mood, circulation and detoxification. But perhaps the biggest plus of all: Going bare can help maintain a body-positive self-image. Go forth and go nude!


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