Why Having A Job Is Better Than Having A Business?

A lot of motivational speakers and personal development gurus out there usually give one piece of advice to people and that is: “It is better to have your own business than to have a job”. This is advice that has been leading astray most of the people because they are indirectly feeding them that if you want to be successful then you must have your own business, otherwise, you would never succeed in life.

They tell people that a job is something bad and they should just follow their advice and start their own business. To be honest, this is useless advice because not everyone has the means and funds to start their own business plus many people are succeeding in their jobs and it isn’t a good idea to give this advice to leave their jobs and start their own business.

Truth be told, running a business is not for everyone. Some people are born business-minded and they have the ability and the temperament to do it, while others are usually bad at manning things around and cannot run their own business. If you are someone who thinks that he can run his own business then well and good but if you are not into business then you should keep your job and continue with it.

With that being said, here are some reasons Why Having A Job Is Better Than Having A Business:

1. A Job Is A Secure Option

A job is always a more secure option than having a business because as long as you are working honestly and giving it your all, there is no reason why anyone would fire you from the job. Now, some people will come out and say that there is no security in a job, and in this age, especially post COVID age, you could get laid off at any time. While it is true to some extent, does that mean starting your own business is much more secure than a job?

Plus, if you are someone who is into Government Jobs then there is no better thing for you than a government job. In countries like India, citizens are preferring Government Jobs over any other thing, and believe it or not, Government Jobs and Sarkari Result are two of the trending searches in the country. With a Government Job, you also get different benefits that are exclusive to government employees only plus, you always have the security that no one can fire you anytime unless you break a serious law

So, yeah! Having a job is much more secure than having a business. If you lose your job then you can always find a new one but if you lose your business then you can lose everything with it, even your house.

2. Steady and Stable Income

With business, there are always income swings. Sometimes, you would be earning a hefty sum of money every month and other times, you would be spending out of your savings account just to cover your monthly expenses. This is a problem with having a business, there is no stable income or steady income, there are always income swings.

In business, sometimes your shipments would come late, other times there would be client payment issues in which the client pays in installments or pays late and all of this calls for income swings.

If you are someone who cannot handle all the income swings then business is not the right thing for you, rather having a job is right for you.

You are guaranteed to receive your income which will be stable and steady in the first few days of every month and you wouldn’t have to spend from your savings account to complete your monthly expenses. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a job, you are guaranteed to receive your income every month without any delay.

People who don’t have the temperament to deal with financial insecurities prefer jobs over businesses.

3. Fewer Headaches

With having a job, there are fewer headaches involved and you will have to work fewer hours. Most of the jobs are usually 9-5 jobs which turn out to be 8 hours every day or 40 hours a week (if Saturdays are Off) while with business, there is no limit. You will have to even work for the whole 24 hours if required. You are on call 24 hours a day when you are running a business and you can be called at any moment to manage different aspects of the business, while with a job that is not the case.

Most of the jobs require the employees to be at the office for 8 hours or so and after that, they can go home.

Plus, when you are running your own business then you have got multiple bosses since your clients are your bosses and to grow your business, you gotta do what they tell you to while with a job, you only get one boss and people would tell you that jobs are bad because you are working for someone when you are doing the same thing in business.

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