Why has my friend never reached orgasm?… Teekay answers

Question (Anonymous):

My friend and I were gisting and I was telling her how it feels to reach orgasm and she told me she has not experienced it at all because she was circumcised.

Can someone who is circumcised ever reach orgasm through normal sex or can a vibrator make someone to reach orgasm?


Female Circumcision is an invasive and painful surgical procedure that is often performed without anesthetic on girls before puberty.

Various sources estimate that from about 60 to 140 million women in the world have had their genitals mutilated or cut. An average of about four girls a minute continue to be mutilated.

Their prepuce is often removed and their clitoris may be partially or completely removed. In some traditions the operation is far more invasive: the labia minora are also surgically removed and the labia majora are sewn together, covering the urethra and vagina. A small opening is retained for the passage of urine and menstrual fluid.

The result is that sexual feelings are either reduced or permanently eliminated. Sexual intercourse is often extremely painful for the woman. Childbirth often involves a Caesarian section.

She might not be able to reach orgasm ever again.

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