Where To Meet The Right Guys

Dating tips can help you when you’re on a date, but how do you get there in the first place? Use THESE dating tips to help you find Mr. Right!

Meeting guys can seem like a pretty daunting task. If you have done the bar and club scene then you know what it’s like to have a sweaty guy try to rub his stuff all over you at 1 am. Even in a martini stupor this isn’t flattering. Meeting quality guys that will treat you right and respect a long-term relationship doesn’t have to be an elusive mirage. The fact of the matter is that there are worthwhile guys all around you. You just have to know where to look. Dating takes initiative. If you’re serious about find a relationship with the right kind of guy, here are a few suggestions to get your started.


At Church

Before you go into some kind of rant about religion, just hear me out. Men that go to church has morals that supersede the bar and club scene. They aren’t going to want some dirty tryst in the back of their car after last call. If you’re at all religious, think about how you can meet some quality guys at your church. You don’t have to be the biggest devout Christian, but if you were raised in the church this is a good place for meeting guys. Even if you don’t meet any guys, this could be a great place for making more friends.


At The Gym

Yes, the gym is a pretty popular choice. There are a ton of guys who like to stay in shape. If you also like to stay in shape then this could be a common interest that you might want to consider with your next potential relationship. Almost every town has local gym. In my experience, the local YMCA will have more young professionals because of the classes and services they offer for a cheaper price. The facilities are pretty vast also so you might want to take advantage of this.
In Electronics Stores

A ton of guys are wild about their gadgets. If you don’t believe me then head over to the Apple Store or you local Best Buy. Hang around the computer aisles and wait for a guy to come over. Ask him a question about a computer or a hard drive and let him teach you something about it. This is a great way of meeting men. You can base whether or not he’s a complete geek on how he dresses, but most guys know about electronics.

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