What I feel about Dele Momodu’s letter to the First Lady…

So as most of you may know already, the popular or not-so-popular anymore Ovation boss, Dele Momodu has written a massive piece to the First Lady of this country – Dame Patience Jonathan and after I went thru it vigorously, i have this to say…

  • The letter is too long na. I don’t think the first lady will be able to get around to read it all especially considering the fact that the main gist is at the end of the letter *whew*
  • Dele Momodu sabi speak english sha… the guy just dey blast the English anyhow compared to the person the letter is being sent to (lips sealed)
  • So there were a lot of criticisms in the letter and I wonder why the thought of an open letter most times always depicts abuse, yabb, corruption, judging. I mean when you hear there is an open letter to someone, you automatically think negative (the guy don f#$@ up be dt, i gats see the letter to read the yabbs abeg and so on)
  • Does it mean that the writer is actually perfect or woulda done better if the tables were turned.
  • I am actually disappointed to say the least but what is my own sef? wetin concern dentist with bluetooth?

Well, my dear ardent readers, I have said my own about the letter sha…

If you want to read the letter, see the link below and click on it.



One Reply to “What I feel about Dele Momodu’s letter to the First Lady…”

  1. Na the tooth concern dentist inside bluetooth ooooooooooo…. But to the issue at hand, I think its just an avenue for “NOTICE ME”…..*just saying*…… (continues walking round askteekay.com compound)

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