#WednesdayRants – Birthday was yesterday (proceedings)

yay, my birthday was yesterday and it was as much fun as memorable. Lucky you, i am going to give a lowdown of what happened all thru.2015-04-15_110800

Well, some 20 something years ago (i’m in my late 20s), a woman fell into labor and was delivered of a “bouncing” (as they always say) baby boy and he was the joy of his parents and all around him.

So yesterday was very unique in that I was actually born on a Tuesday some years back *na u sabi*.

I slept at past 10pm on Monday the 13th after i had already gotten about 5 messages wishing me a happy birthday in advance *yes I am loved* and my fav cuzn came to disrupt my peaceful sleep at exactly 12am so she could be the first to say it. I forgot to say the love of my life *shut up* had also just finished wishing me a happy birthday too

I shrugged a bit and just muttered “thank you” from dreamland and continued with my beauty sleep *nohomo* till about 2am when i woke up and couldn’t sleep again. My fav cuzn was in my room so we gisted about one very crazy and mind-blowing dont-allow-pple-to-sleep movie like that till she drifted away to bed and then i was left in my insomnia state and i decided to listen to music. The music was playing but i wasn’t feeling it so it struck me to pray and i did pray for like an hour *me too is surprised oh* then i slept off.2015-04-15_110639

I woke up to 23 missed calls again around 6am to get set for work and i left for work. OMW to work, i received quite a number of calls too and they were all about this birthday of a thing. Well, i got to work at about 8am and continued receiving calls and pings and bbm messages and whatsapp and the likes. infact at a point, i started appreciating all thos that work at call centers *kudos to y’all* cos i was almost frustrated but na my day so no lele *nobody in my office knew twas my birthday*.

I worked as usual till around 7pm when a call came in that a report had to be submitted and it had to be done immediately so i was in the office till about 12.30am *yes midnight* on my birthday *insert tears here*

Meanwhile, my sunshine *na u sabi again* had skyped with me for almost 2 hours where we talked about everything and anything *na u sabi again*.

So i got off work at about 12.40am and left for my house which is about an hour drive from my office so i got home around 2am and was very famished and was about to sleep but i had to eat so i went to the kitchen and behold my awesome portharcourt family had delicious coconut rice waiting for me and i munched as much as i cld before retiring to bed.

2015-04-15_110714My aunt called me from the sitting room and said i shld come and see something and when i got there, i was WOWED… there was a cake, wine and extra food waiting for me and i’m like shey no be ds sitting room i pass enter now now…

Well I had the best birthday yesterday/this morning courtesy my fav cousin DEBORAH aka mama and my aunt Pastor Mrs Esther Adesina (this woman is a whole lot of goodies in one person).

I have received a couple of calls this morning and my birthday was yesterday.

I never knew i was this loved anyway and i also never knew i had this number of fans.

I’d also like to use this medium to appreciate everyone, i mean everyone, to those that remembered and contacted me, those that remembered and didnt contact me, those that dint rem but contacted me *to talk bout other things*, those that dint remember and dint contact me too…. All of y’all are appreciated.

In life, you can’t judge gain without pain, good without bad, friends without enemies so all of you are really needed in my life and God has strategically positioned you there to ensure that i succeed in life.

Thanks a million.

BTW, i got two wonderful gifts and if you look well at the pictures, you would be able to point out the gifts….

2015-04-15_110639 2015-04-15_110703 2015-04-15_110726 2015-04-15_110752 2015-04-15_110743 2015-04-15_110814 2015-04-15_110822 2015-04-15_110831 2015-04-15_110840 2015-04-15_110847 2015-04-15_110906

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