Wednesday Rants – Patience

yh yh yh… welcome to today’s edition of my ranting, please don’t get tired, you could learn something or just laugh…

So I am willing to talk about Patience:

Patience is mostly a virtue that most of us if not all of us don’t have these days.

Everybody wants to start a business today and start making profit next tomorrow. they are willing to wait just one day… lol

People always forget that there is something called the process and it must be followed to get the desireed result.

Take a look at yahoo boys, they send mails (bombing), chat, even use fake credit cards to buy gifts for their lovers in a space of like 3 months before they actually start their process of scamming such person.

what this teaches us is that there is always a waiting time.

Take farming for example – there are three basic stages and they are – planting and harvesting which is where most of us lie.. we just want to plant and harvest the next day forgetting that after planting the seed, you have to water constantly, prune, weed, fertilize, tend before harvesting.

the stages between planting and harvesting is what i term as the process.

So when you start a business, it is much more likely that you might have to wait a minimum of 5 years to start reaping the benefits of such.

I have been a victim of impatience before and I paid dearly for it. it wasn’t a funny something at all.

I have learnt that you have to learn to WAIT for not just your time, but for the process to be completed.

Remember, if you start a coy and run it for 10 years, you have had 10 years experience in that field but if you one company every year for 10 years, you would be worse off compared with where and how you started.

Fellow readers, kindly follow the process and the process will bring you to a bountiful harvest.


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