War on Socia Media as Fans Accuse Peter’s Wife of Causing P-Square Break-up

It was war of words, insults, accusations and fights on the social media as fans went after Peter’s wife accusing her of causing the group’s split.
It was a battle of words on Instagram as fans went after Lola Omotayo-Okoye (Peter Okoye’s wife) accusing her of causing the rift between the brothers.

The whole drama started when she posted a photo of herself with the caption: “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain” and people picked holes from it and interpreted it as a backing for her husband to dump his brothers and go solo.

The caption caused anger and outburst from fans who reacted with harsh comments.

Check out some of the comments from fans:

chriswizzo said: “@lolaomotayo you are the cause of this psquare split. Their mom hated you, now the world knows why. Wicked yoruba woman. #witch”

wusaibaby: “You are here posting picture and your family is falling apart. Please, dear for the sake of God try and talk to your husband let him make up with his brother. You are his wife and I think he listens to you. Please, dear.”

chloezoee wrote: “No offence but I feel d wives in that family are not doing their job”

estradas_ignacious “So she should kill herself because they’re fighting? Do you guys know if she has tried to reconcile them?”

nkech_ace: “My goodness! !!!! How does anyone’s interfer into someone’s personal business like this. Wow!! so much hate. Guys let her and her family be ooo. These are adults and they sure know what’s good for them and their business. God has not appointed us a judge, besides, there’s absolutely nothing to judge! God help us all.”

blessefe: “When we travel abroad, we say other people are being racist to us. Okay, what do we call this behaviour towards Lola? I’m surprised that we still behave this way in 2016. It doesn’t tell good story about Nigerians. It means there’s no love between us.”

linda_lme: “A whole bunch of you on here are a disgrace! And I’m saddened to see women blaming and shaming her. We fight for equality and fair treatment in Nigeria yet most of you treat each other worst than those pigs in the senate. Why must you always blame the woman? Shame on all of you!”

my_xcellency: “If you’re really the cause of the breakup of Peter and Paul then the whole world and myself will be dealing with you ‘PERSONALLY’.”

tonyjpaj: “Hate you and your goat Peter! Keep drowning him and make him self they follow.”

asa_baaby: “lola as the most eldest wife you should put things in order; don’t let your hubby and he’s lovely twinnie go there separate ways. We’ve always being proud of the OKOYES. I don’t care about Jude my utmost concern is about Paul. Pls try and settle this problem, I don’t like MR P or Rudeboy all we love is PSQUARE – United will stand, divided will fall. Please, we need PEACE, ONE LOVE and TOGETHERNESS.”

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