Tell us about your university days. Teekay answers

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Hi Mr. Teekay, please tell us about your University friends especially your Roomies

I attended the most prestigious and best University in Nigeria (Na U SABI o)

I really don’t know what to write but i’d just recap what a typical day in school was like…
A typical day starts at maybe 6am in the uni when we had to wake up and get set for classes especially if you had a morning class/lecture/test. We share a block of restrooms and most times the restrooms were flooded so you have to get to have your bath ASAP.

I had all kinds of room-mates though we were just 6 students in the room. (Sassy, Dumb, Stupid, Intelligent, Smart, Slow, Proud, Pompous, Liar, Fighter, Drunkard, Socialist, Scammer, Gentle, Quiet, Outgoing, Ladies Man, Fresh, Fashionable, Rapper, Book-worm, just to mention a few) (yh really just a few o)
After bathing, you gotta be dressed in your complete corporate outfit consisting of – Shirt, Material Trouser, Tie, Jacket/Suit/Coat) anything less and you won’t be allowed to see the balcony let alone leave the hostel. We had crazy and over-zealous staff as Porters (as in OVER ZEALOUS).
If you didn’t have classes, we had a popular corridor where we hung out to scope babes/crack jokes and basically WHINE people (there’s this very funny dude tho. HINT: He is an old man). during this time is when we get high/tipsy (don’t ask me how we get alcohol).
Then on to lunch at the famous scammer cafeteria run by one of the popular restaurants in Nigeria (name withheld). Here, we gist and laugh and plan next outing or class or coup.
Classes end at 4pm and then there’s a time-out between 4pm and 9pm during which a number of things could happen inclusive of but not limited to – Siesta, Football, BasketBall, Whining, Gisting, Washing, Weeding (yes we were agriculturists), Drinking, Allen Avenue (pls don’t ask me), Dinner, Exeat application, sneaking out.
Devotion at 10pm thereabout and lights out immediately after.
In all, i had a very great experience but there was this roommate i disliked a lot and we never got along, there was another that was always reading but never passed, there was one that was always forming fresh but never failed, there was one that was always talking but gets high on even paracetamol, there was a rapper (now a big time rapper). basically, i think that’s it.
Thanks for reading.

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