Monica and I used to do everything together. I guess that’s kind of standard when you’re identical twins, but with us, it went on until we were into our twenties. Until I met Nick, really.

Nick swept me off my feet. He’s so different from me, and yet we work well together. He is adventurous, always craves excitement. Monica and I were nothing like that. We preferred beach holidays rather than trekking through some wilderness. But with Nick, I discovered a love for adventure. Our holidays turned to wild water rafting, mountain climbing, swimming with sharks. It didn’t hurt that Nick is loaded and loved to whisk me away to exotic places. Not that I’m complaining…

After a while, I started missing the holidays with my sister, though. She had found herself a boyfriend as well. Alberto was a banker. Rich and successful, but risk-averse and not at all adventurous. I knew there was no way I could convince Alberto and Monica to go on an adventurous holiday with Nick and me. So I suggested to Nick that we go on a relaxing beach holiday with my sister.

“It’s going to be boring,” Nick complained. “What are we going to do all day?”

I shrugged. “Relax. Read. Drink. Lie in the sun. Swim in the sea. We’ve been so busy lately, a holiday like that will be perfect for reducing our stress.”

“I reduce stress by staying active,” Nick pointed out.

“We can still go snorkelling or diving,” I countered. I had my eye on a villa in the Maldives where the water was perfect for scuba.

“Diving would be nice.”

I could hear Nick’s resolve wavering. I stepped closer and ran my hands over his chest. “And we can have sex. We’re always so busy on our adventure holidays that we don’t nearly have sex enough. At the villa, we could have sex all day long if we wanted.” I moved my hands lower and cupped Nick’s stiffening cock. We both loved sex, but our lives had been busy and stressful and it had been a while since we had really taken the time for something more than a quick fuck.

Nick groaned with pleasure. “What about your sister and Alberto though?”

Monica loved sex just as much as I did and I assumed Alberto did too.

“They’ll want a sex-fuelled holiday as well,” I said. “It’s a big villa, we won’t be in each other’s way.”

Nick pulled me closer, his hands gripping my ass. He kissed my neck in that spot below my ear I love so much. A thrill ran through my body and I whimpered softly. Nick pressed his erection against my hip.

“Sex all day long?” he whispered in my ear.

“All day,” I moaned.

He shifted one of his hands and pressed the sodden fabric of my panties against my aching pussy. I gasped.

“Would you like to show me a preview?” he growled.

I pulled away from him and grabbed his hand. I led him to the sofa and slipped off my panties. I lay down, my legs spread and he knelt between them. As he fastened his mouth to my swollen sex, I smiled. I had got my way.

Despite Nick’s moaning about not having an adventurous holiday, we enjoyed our time in the Maldives immensely. It was lovely to catch up with Monica and to get to know Alberto better. He wasn’t as stuck up as I feared. For a banker, he had quite a sense of humour, even if he still seemed a bit stuffy. His idea of dressing down was to shed his tie. Monica told me she loved seeing him in his button-down shirt and dress trousers. As long as it worked for her…

True to my word, Nick and I went snorkelling and diving, and in the afternoons we would retire to our room and have sex. Slow, leisurely sex, or sometimes marathon fucking. Nick is a beast in bed, he can go for hours. He always makes sure I get what I need as well, which is what I love about him. He can give me multiple orgasms before he comes.

I had no doubt that Monica and Alberto had a similar routine. Every morning they went to the beach and every afternoon they disappeared to their bedroom. Monica isn’t quiet during sex and I sometimes could hear her cries of ecstasy when Nick and I were fucking. It never failed to arouse me—I love hearing other people fuck. I love it almost as much as I love people seeing me fuck. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and on more than one occasion Nick and I have had sex in public, where people could potentially see us going at it. Nick likes that as much as I do—I guess it taps into his love for adventure.

An idea began to form. A wicked, naughty idea which would make this holiday so much better. First I had to consult with Monica, but I had a feeling she would be on board.

“What are you suggesting, Penelope?” Monica’s face was a combination of fascination and guilt.

“Come on, Monica.” I laughed. “You’re not that prude or you wouldn’t be so loud while you and Alberto are having sex. Plus, it’s not like we’ve never done this before.”

Monica blushed but said nothing.

I shrugged. “It was just an idea. I can understand if you and Alberto aren’t up for it. I just thought it would be fun and sexy. But yeah, maybe it’d be awkward. Forget I mentioned it.”

I got up. Monica grabbed my arm. “Not so quick, Penelope. I didn’t say I wasn’t up for it.”

I hid a smile and sat down. I knew Monica would be on board, she just needed some time to get her head around the idea. I had suggested the four of us having sex on the deck. Not all together—Nick and I would be on one garden sofa and she and Alberto would be on the other. Having sex next to a couple fucking as well would be extremely hot.

I knew Monica thought it was hot too. When we used to share a flat at university, we’d fuck our boyfriends in the same room all the time. The only difference was that we used to do that quietly in the dark, whereas I was suggesting we do it in broad daylight on the deck, where we could watch and hear each other.

“I’m not sure Alberto would be up for it,” Monica said.

I was sure Alberto was. I had caught him and Nick the other night talking about Monica and me, comparing notes as to how we liked to be fucked. I was sure Alberto would love to watch Nick and I have sex.

“Tell you what,” I said. “Why don’t you take Alberto to the deck and start kissing him. Get him all heated up. I’ll ask Nick to join you on the deck and I’ll come out later. I’ll be practically naked and I’ll seduce Nick. If Alberto isn’t up for it, you can take him inside and continue there.”

Monica smiled. I could see she liked that idea. “Okay, I’m in.”

Heat gathered in my core. I loved being able to live out my fantasies and being able to do so with my sister, who happened to be my best friend too, was icing on the cake.

I hugged her. “Thanks, sis.”

Of course, when the afternoon rolled around I was a bundle of nerves. Nerves and excitement. I had told Nick what Monica and I were planning. I knew he’d be up for it and sure enough, his face lit up when he heard my suggestion.

“I’ll make sure to wear something that’s easy to take off,” he said.

Monica had taken Alberto to the deck. She was wearing an impossibly short skirt and a cute top. I had argued she should leave her bra off, but she had disagreed.

“It’s sexier if Alberto and I are properly dressed,” she said. “I also don’t want him to think this was a pre-planned orgy.”

I snorted. “It’s hardly an orgy. Orgy implied we’ll all be fucking each other.”

Monica had swatted me on the arm and left to get Alberto.

I took a deep breath. I had settled on wearing a short sarong tied loosely around my hips and nothing else. I waited a bit after Monica and Alberto had gone out to the deck, then squared my shoulders and walked out.

Monica and Alberto were absorbed in each other. I paused for a moment to watch them. They were kissing as if their lives depended on it and Alberto’s hands caressed Monica’s breasts. I smiled. Looked to me like he hadn’t been too hard to convince.

I walked over to Nick. His face lit up when he saw me and I could see the bulge in his shorts. Heat flooded me and, just like that, my nervousness disappeared, being replaced by arousal. I joined Nick on the sofa and took a sip of his beer. He pulled me close, his mouth seeking my breast. I gasped as he pulled my nipple into his mouth and sucked it.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Alberto watch me and my cunt flooded. God, this was hot. I straddled Nick’s lap, his cock pressing against my aching cunt as I lowered myself. Nick grabbed my ass, his hand sliding underneath my flimsy sarong. One of his fingers slid down and pressed against my pussy lips. I moaned as my mouth hungrily sought his. Behind me, I could hear Monica moan as Alberto undoubtedly slid a hand underneath her skirt. I looked back to see my assumption confirmed. I smiled, exhilarated that my plan had worked. And happy that Alberto was on board. My sister was in good hands.

I turned my attention to Nick. His cock strained against his shorts and I deftly freed it from its confines. Monica moved to sit on Alberto’s lap, her feet resting on the table to give him better access to her pussy. Desire was dripping out of me, coating my thighs in my juices. I couldn’t wait to take Nick’s cock deep inside me, but first I wanted to have a little fun with him.

I helped him out of his shorts and knelt next to him on the bench. I didn’t care that my short sarong did nothing to block my ass from view, in fact, it turned me on to know that Alberto could see me. I took Nick’s length into my mouth, relishing his gasp of pleasure as I slowly lowered my head and slid him further down my throat. Nick is big and I’ve never been able to take his full length, but I used my hands and slid them down his shaft. Pleasure started to build in my body, and I knew that it would be evident to the others. My juices were dripping out of me and I squirmed with the need to be touched, filled.

Next to me, Monica had become bolder. She unbuckled Alberto’s trousers and taken him into her mouth. Hearing her sucking noises, and Alberto’s gasps, while Nick and I were making similar noises of our own, spurred me on. Nick groaned a low noise that connected straight with my clit. I wanted him inside me—and I wanted to get a better view of Monica and Alberto.

I gave Nick one last, good suck and straightened up. Nick’s cock stood hard and proud between his legs and I positioned myself on his lap, my back towards him. I trembled with as I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. He slid in easily, my cunt sodden with desire. His generous length and girth slid along my tight pussy walls sending sparks of pleasure throughout my body.

I had a good view of Monica and Alberto now, but I was too wrapped up in my own pleasure to pay them much attention. In my current position, I was able to take Nick deep inside me and I gasped as he grabbed my hips and started guiding me up and down his cock. I moved to match his speed. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me as I could feel the tension build in my body. I was dimly aware of Monica and Alberto changing position. I heard Monica’s gasp of delight when Alberto entered her. The sound was so hot that I cried out with my own delight. I reached between my legs and briefly rubbed my clit. That was all I needed to bring me over the edge. My cunt contracted around Nick’s cock, and for a while, I was suspended in pleasure, unable to think or move. Nick eased me off his lap and licked my swollen sex while I rode my orgasm out.

When I had come down, Nick helped me onto his lap again. I knew he wasn’t close to finishing yet, but that was fine with me. I was ready for more. My cunt was tighter now from my orgasm and Nick was even harder. Already I could feel the waves of pleasure crashing down, and I could feel my orgasm approach. I wasn’t sure how many orgasms I was able to endure, so I tried to focus on Nick and on what was going on around me.

Monica moved off the bench and bent over the table while Alberto entered her from behind. Her face was contorted with pleasure and I was glad I was able to see her clearly. She was so sexy, it was impossible not to get aroused from seeing her like that.

I was suddenly overcome with emotion. The sun, the smell of the sea, the sound of fucking—it was all overwhelmingly sexy. I slipped off Nick’s lap, making him whimper with disappointment, but he needn’t have worried. I wanted to face him, kiss his beautiful lips while I fucked him.

His face lit up when he realised what I was planning. He grabbed my hips, his fingers digging into my ass as he pressed his cock at my hot, wet entrance. As he slid in, his cock rubbed my swollen G-spot and I couldn’t help crying out with delight. I ground my clit against his pubic bone as his cock rubbed my G-spot. Nick shifted his hips so I could get the maximum stimulation.

This is why I love him so much. He is always concerned about my pleasure first. His is merely a happy by-product. He wants to feel my cunt tightening with orgasm after orgasm. None of my other lovers really cared about this. It wasn’t until Nick that I discovered I was able to have more than one orgasm during a fuck session. With my other boyfriends, I would be grateful if I had one, which usually happened well after they had come.

Not so with Nick. His stamina is amazing and he seeks out the spots which are most pleasurable for me. He knows how to find my G-spot without fail and has a way of tilting his hips just so to allow me to rub my clit against his pubic bone. Maybe he is a well-skilled lover, or maybe our bodies just work well together.

At this point, I didn’t care which one it was. I could feel my orgasm build again, but I was worried that if I fell over the edge once more, I would take Nick with me. And I had no intention for the fun to end yet. Monica and Alberto didn’t show any signs of slowing down either. I was happy that Monica had found a skilled lover too.

Nick must have felt my oncoming orgasm because he gently moved me away and eased me on my back. I closed my eyes and smiled. I love it when Nick comes on my face, and I expected that this was his plan. When his mouth connected with my cunt, my eyes flung open and I gasped. He didn’t waste time, but ran his tongue over my swollen slit, flicking my clit with the tip. I moaned and tried to squirm, but he firmly held me in place. My clit was sensitive from rubbing against Nick and the sensation made me arch my back. I was helpless in the face of my oncoming orgasm. Every nerve ending in my body sung with pleasure, but Nick knew exactly when to ease up so I wouldn’t come yet. When he knew I couldn’t stand it any longer, he pressed hard on my clit and my thighs shook with the power of my orgasm. Lights flashed behind my eyelids as my body was suffused with pure energy.

Nick didn’t wait for my orgasm to pass but slid his cock into my still-contracting cunt. I hardly had the energy anymore to keep my legs up. I looked over at Monica, marvelling that she and Alberto were still engaged as well. Monica looked over and we shared a moment of bliss. Part of me wanted to reach out and hold her hand, but then she looked away.

I could tell from the erratic way Nick pumped into me, and the stiffening of his cock, that he was close. Then he pulled out and he came. I grinned as his come hit my breasts and mouth. I focused on his face, contorted with pleasure as he pumped the last drops out of his twitching cock. Then he sat back and kissed my knee. We were both out of breath and we cuddled as we watched Alberto and Monica come. My body was heavy with satisfaction and I couldn’t do more than grin at Monica when she and Alberto embraced in the throes of their orgasm.

It had been a pleasurable, adventurous afternoon indeed.

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