Trouble-looming!: Dencia and Actress LisaRaye In Steaming Quarrel Over Dencia’s Whitenecious Cream

The single ladies’actress, Lisaraye also popularly known as Keisha, is having a fresh issue with singer Dencia. Both of them’s lawyers have sent letters to each other after the Cameroonian singer and entrepreneur fired off a letter threatening to sue Lisaraye for comments she made about her product, Whitenicious!

The war of words started after Lisa called Whitenicious Carcinogenic during a radio interview to promote her movie “Skinned”, which is about the epidemic of skin bleaching in Africa and beyond. An angry Dencia first fired off at LisaRaye on social media for saying her products cause cancer and then later sent her lawyers to write to LisaRaye threatening to sue her if she doesn’t retract her statement and apologize. See both lawyers’ letters below:
See Dencia’s lawyer’s letter sent to Lisaraye:

.and LisaRaye’s lawyers’ letter to Dencia

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