Tribute to my Unc – Rev J. K. Adesina – (Very brief write-up)

So once again, i have refused to post anything on my unc’s 1 yr remembrance since the 4th of March cos I shdnt just think it and not be sober with so many questions in my head to ask God when i finally get to Heaven…

We actually had a lot of plans (my unc and I)… I don’t relate much with my extended fam and most of dem can testify to this but Unc Kenny (as i always called him) was just very different. We were so close…. people were even thinking i was his biological child (well ur wife is my biological mother in ph *tongueout*

I rem the cat fish pepper soup just in front of Foursquare camp. i rem the bush meat times and that ur very unusually delicious but peppery stew… i rem that rickety car that can go as far/fast as you want it to depending on your mood.

the last time we had massive eran igbe together was at the last 2 years youth camp when i met you at ogunmakin and u were like “emi n lo oh, se iwo fe jade abi” and i was like jade ke… a jo nlo ni o and as usual we branched the usual amala spot and had our fill of eran igbe and amala though you kept apologizn that u were broke and i wondered what wlda happened if u werent broke.

Well, you were and is still my mentor… your carefreee but principled view to life will always be my adopted principle. the spontaneity of your decisions and no time-bound to them will also be one of mine (like going to atm frm Ogun state to oyo state at 2am)

I’m not even sure your children know aw flexible you were and aw friendly and determined and focused too…. (i hope the kids dont read this. well who cares sef, i old pass them)

So this is to tell you Unc Kenny that i know that just as you created a spy-fb page, you are now in a place where you can even see what Obama is posting on fb so keep looking down and i promise to keep making u smile and u will be telling the other hosts of heaven that – “that’s my nephew oh”

Don’t worry, you will tell me thank you when we finally meet at the Lord’s feet cos i will uphold all the principles u imbibed in me (Rev J.A. Adesina, don’t be scared, you too have and is still imbibing principles in me o).

So i have written this very short and brief article just to say i miss you unc kenny but man proposes and God disposes.

continue to RIP Uncle Kenny… I will always love you even if I have to deal with Gomina Adesina Dafidi and Deborah Adesina at intervals, i will rem that u were good to me n nt beat them to a pulp.

Unc kenny, ur wife is now on social media oh, facebook and twitter and whatsapp and my mother too… me sef suprise oh… in everythn we are doing, Diaris God oh… (i sincerely pray they don’t read this part)


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