#FoolOfTheDay: Train Passenger fined ₦227,000 in court after trying to dodge paying ₦770 for a train ticket!

How foolish can a man be?
How foolish can a man be?

Obviously this did not happen in Nigeria. Obviously this can’t happen in Nigeria.

A passenger has been fined almost £800 (₦227,000) after he was caught without a train ticket – that would have cost just £2.70 (₦770). Andrew Davies, of Exeter, Devon, was found guilty of travelling on a Great Western Railway train in Paignton, South Devon, in June with intent to avoid paying the fare. Torbay magistrates fined the 49-year-old £550 and ordered him to pay £215 costs – and the £2.70 fare in compensation. Hilarious right?

That’s a total of £767.70 due to the court, much more than the £2.70 it would have cost him for the journey in the south west.

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