Top Lies Evident In Davido’s Post – LIB Commenter

I think the best place to check on LIB is the comment section where you see a lotta weird comments and plenty sensible ones (Linda is always approving comments)

I stumbled on what this commenter said below and I see sense in it…
1) He claims she is a casual lover but he also claims they both once lived together (or she tricked him).. What about Sira Kante, his Guinean boo?
2) She manipulated and exploited him: Excuse me…. 21years is not 21days… He is old enough to make his decision. He should man up. I mean he is 23.

3) She lied her dad was late and she had no where to go: Sorry kid, are you dumb? Or are you related to Santa Claus? Did he not research her background out? How can you just accommodate a “total stranger”, and bang her for two full years? He claims she tricked him, so how did he later find out her family? Or did she appear from the moon?

4) He needs to show us medical proff of the marijuana

5) How can you and your family make plans alone without consulting the mother? Wdf do you think you are? You are already available for the child, so you think you can throw the mother away? You don”‘t want her to go because you don’t want it to seem like she is your wife but when you were banging her, you were calling her ife mi?

6) Let’s us not forget that Davido was present at his baby’s baby shower… He posted a picture of Sophia and I made holding hands. An excited Dele Momodu was there… He was even the one that happily shared the pictures on Instagram with prayers too.

7) Blaming it on diabolical forces: Seriously? Why your hot sperm was spilling around you did not remember that the witches in your village are pursuing you?

8) She should quit the streets: Excuse me… Does she look like a beggar? Her net worth can even pay my school fees till I graduate… She even looks healthier than you

9) Your tickets were impounded with no just cause: Seriously, no just cause? Why do you seem to be in a hurry if you don’t have a cause? It looks like you knew you had a case…

10) We know who the real loser is: Well we don’t know…. We will find out in court… So Mr. Davido, I put it to you that you attempted to smuggle little I made abroad and also you conspired to kidnap her without her mum’s knowledge…

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