This Woman Takes Pictures of Penises and charges up to $10k for one photo

Soraya Doolbaz doesn’t have an ordinary job. It’s probably the furthest thing from ordinary as could be. She calls herself a “professional dick photographer” and her job is to give the male anatomy some quirky character. Based in New York, she’ll style your schlong in a glossy editorial-style shoot, even dressing penises up in cute little costumes that give them loads (sorry) of personality.

You can find her work on her official site, appropriately called the Dicture Gallery, and she also had the opportunity to show her art to a larger audience at Art Basel last year where she managed to sell limited edition prints for $10,000 per piece. The comedy of the practice comes from the penis-pun-names that accompany each shots: from Dicki Minaj to Cumrad Stalin.

Doolbaz was says she was blown away with how expansive the market for her service was. “It’s surprising and very delightful that people just like dick on things,” she notes in the New York Post video interviewbelow. Her work has now been turned into a product line, so you can have dicks on your calendars, mugs, basically everywhere they shouldn’t be. But who can say no to Dicki Minaj?

Watch the video below. Viewer discretion advised.

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