This Woman Found Photos of Her Husband Having Sex With Her Mom

Distraught Reddit user told the site she’d found photos of her mother having sex with her husband in an old shoebox and had no idea how to confront him about it.

In the post, she says she was cleaning out a bunch of shoeboxes when she found a USB drive inside one of them and decided to check out what was on it. Bizarrely, she found over 50 photos of her husband and her mother having sex that she says were taken before they got married because “they were at my mom’s house but she doesn’t own that house anymore.”

She explained that she originally met her husband because he was working for her mother, but it never occurred to her that they could’ve been interested in each other since her mother is 30 years older than he is and now she has no idea what to do with this information.

The rest of Reddit chimed in with similar stories (one user said she knew a woman who dated a younger man and later introduced him to her daughter, who he married) and advice for her.

Many Reddit users noted that if the husband and the mom had sex before the daughter began dating him, then it wasn’t adultery at all, while others say the mom should’ve at least spoken up before her daughter started dating him to let her know, “Hey, we used to date, by the way.” People also noted that it’s possible the USB drive was just in the shoe box without his knowledge, like an old piece of gum in your purse (except, you know, with bizarre sexual photos instead of gum), while others say that his keeping the USB drive in their home was a breech of trust and could mean he’s still holding on to the memories.

Reddit user DuckGoesQuackMoo noted that regardless of when it happened, “Relationships with trust involve sharing details of your previous partners, especially if they’re your freaking mother.”

Here’s hoping some of the Reddit advice helps this woman to be able to have the most awkward, yet totally vital, conversation with her husband ever.

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