This socks will turn off your TV when you doze off – Netflix Invention

They have come again oh… Oyinbo will not kill us with inventions. *awaiting the day Nigerians will wake up and create instead of duplicate*

Shortly after releasing their Netflix and Chill button, the video streaming company Netflix is taking their innovations to the next level. Yesterday, the company announced Netflix Socks, which is like if Etsy and the movie Hackers had a baby. The gist is that those of you out there who know how to both knit and the fundamentals of microcontroller programming (and, be honest, who nowadays isn’t proficient in both?) can rig up these socks that also help digitally control your television. They even give you patterns that will allow you to make socks that align with your favorite binge-able show (like a glass of Pinot Noir for the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or an upside-down American flag for House of Cards and so on). Like the future, but now!

The short version is that these are socks that will turn off your TV when you inevitably fall asleep on your couch watching Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls or just Girls, or whatever (most likely due to the fact that you dozed off after having polished off that bottle of Cabernet … again). The long version is that you had better have a damn degree in electronic engineering because the mechanisms in these socks include an accelerometer that works with some sort of thing called actigraphy. I don’t know what that even means, but if you do, then you, too, can have a pair of socks that will turn off your TV. Technology! Solving problems that you didn’t even know were problems!

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