This Couple Had Their Wedding in a Bat-Filled Cave (Photos)

Why have your wedding in a boring old church or in a dumb pretty field of flowers when you could have it in, oh, I don’t know, a bat-ridden, underground cavern beneath a slate quarry?

A couple in the Cornwall region of England recently held their ceremony in one such cave, and while it was actually incredibly beautiful, they encountered some wedding crashers in the form of sleeping bats. The only real obstacle the bats presented (aside from the scent of bat poop, I guess) was that the wedding photographer couldn’t use a flash, because as he told the Daily Mail, a sudden flash of light is disturbing to napping bats.
But the couple had a lovely workaround to this dilemma — they donned their hard hats (turns out hanging out beneath a slate quarry is a bit hazardous) and lit more than 500 twinkling candles to give the place a magical glow. The photographer, a true professional, was able to make the pictures work without the flash, and no bats were awoken. And the end result is really stunning, and if bats weren’t carriers of deadly diseases like RABIES, I might consider having my own wedding in a terrestrial venue like this one. I mean it is really so pretty.
The Daily Mail reported that the bride, groom, and their 40-wedding guests wore hard hats upon entering and leaving the cave, but were able to remove them during the ceremony because it was held in a safer part of the tavern. The bride was even given a special white hard hat (although she could’ve used a blue one as her something blue) to wear beneath her veil.
I’m sure their wedding album is just lovely, and I hope everyone received rabies vaccinations (just in case) in a timely manner after the ceremony.

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