I Think My Friend’s Fiance Is A Prostitute – Should I Tell Him?

images (6)Question (Anonymous):

I would love to ask this question, a girl that sleeps with a guy on the very first date, is she a good wife material or she loves sex so much, because this same girl is presently dating some body from the same church. She has dated 2 other guys before this present guy, please note, she claims not to be a prostitute, but act like she needs a life partner. And she has slept with 5 different guys which I know of in the same church with her. I just want to know, cause he is about to marry her. Please your advice is needed, for him not to make a life time mistake teekay.


What I can gather from your question basically is that you are not the onje in a relationship with the girl but your friend.

My advice is please mind your business. The girl you are planning to get married to (if you have one), are you sure of what she’s done or what she is doing?

The past doesn’t matter where love is concerned. Let them be please. Don’t be an author of confusion or heartbreak.


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