Here are some of the things President Jonathan said during his media chat yesterday…

PRESIDENTIAL-MEDIA-CHAT-1-650x400So I saw this post on Linda Ikeji’s blog and i feel you people will be interested… Thank me later

President Jonathan held a media chat this evening and below are a few important points he put across.

He said in Lagos, on 38% have their PVCs, so if elections are held, 62% will not be able to vote.

About Boko Haram, he said there is no hiding place for the terrorist group. That he had meetings with the President of Chad and he said before he can send troops to Nigeria, the AU have to be involved. He also said Boko Haram doesn’t necessarily have to be completely wiped out before elections are conducted. He also said taking over the territories captured by Boko Haram does not mean that the group have been wiped out.

About INEC chairman Prof Jega, GEJ said he has the constitutional right to appoint and the right to remove but he never told anyone that he’s planning to remove Jega. He said reports making the rounds that he’s planning to send Jega on a 3-month terminal leave is garbage bin story. Continue..

GEJ said INEC is an independent body but if they don’t conduct the elections well, it will be on his head. He said people shouldn’t doubt that the elections will hold. That it must hold.
Asked about his ‘Stealing is not corruption’ comment, president Jonathan said he never said stealing is not corruption –

“The word corruption we have abused it and it’s not making so much sense. I did not say stealing is not corruption. I made that statement in reference to ex-CJN, Justice Musdapher. A thief should be called a thief. Ole should be called ole! If you say somebody is corrupt people don’t know what you mean”. He added “A thief is a thief. Don’t use the word corruption to cover stealing. Call the person a thief”

He said the ICPC is the only agency that is expected to deal with corruption and not even the EFCC.

On the election, he said if the elections are conducted and he loses, Nigeria will definitely inaugurate a new govt

“Let me reassure Nigerians that elections will be conducted in this country and a govt will be inaugurated on May 29th” He said

He said there’s absolutely no truth in him not wanting to relinquish power. That it’s not right for anybody to want to contest an election and not be willing to take the outcome.

About his political campaign ads, he said he doesn’t know most of the people placing one form of advert or the other

About Buhari, GEJ said the key actors around him in 2011 are different from those around him in 2015. When asked to assess Buhari, GEJ refused saying it will not be proper. “The insult that I have to carry is enormous” he said.

When asked why he only goes to churches and not mosques, GEJ replied “I’m united by different people. I can’t attend ceremonies that I’m not invited to

On $9.3m seized in South Africa, GEJ said the matter is in court and Nigeria will get the money back

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