These 7 Skin Care Routines Will Leave You Flawless During Harmattan Period

Hello dear askteekay readers, merry Christmas. I hope you all had fun. Anyway, today, i’ll be lettin g you in on how to take care of your skin during harmattan period, because basically, this period, leaves your skin dry, harsh, white and broken, so in order to prevent this and keep it smooth and flawless, follow the following procedures:

1. Invest in good body moisturizers and make sure to keep the skin intensely moisturized around this period.

2. Invest in good lip moisturizers

3. Protect the eyes from dust, grits and more with a pair of sunglasses, clear glasses and so on

4. Avoid using antiseptic soaps during this weather opt more for cream bars

5. Deeply moisturize your hair and cover when when necessary

6. Avoid using skin lightening creams/lotion during this weather.

7. Avoid carbonated drinks, instead stay hydrated and refreshed with water.

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