The wages of a hideout (EROTIC 18+)

For over thirty seconds I couldn’t move. My brain was so dead I didn’t know I had jammed my hand on the door, bleeding, but unaware cos I couldn’t feel anything. My eyes were glued to her curves; her monster breasts only hidden by a tiny shirt dress.

As at the time of my entry, she’d being trying to balance a vase on a top-shelf. Her white transparent shirt dress raised and her large buttocks jiggled as she struggled on her toes.

“Who are you?”  She quickly removed from her tiptoe, letting the vase shatter. The smashing sound of the vase brought me back into consciousness. I had broken into her home, running away from the raid of the EFCC who busted my hideout at an Ikeja hotel.

She removed a broom for self-defense; visibly shaken and screaming. She was unconscious of the fact that her white blouse had given way and her bare breasts were jiggling in the open. Her nipples were as thick as my pinky finger and its dark shades sent shivers down my spine. The breasts had this stretch mark that made them seem firm and glued to the middle.

I noticed the shouting had stopped. She was slowly approaching me; her eyes seemingly glued to something else.

It clicked; my cock had swollen into an erection.  I hadn’t had the time to pack anything apart from my laptop and phone. I spent the night stalking clients on dating sites and didn’t have the time to wear any boxers, before the raiding of the hotel by the EFCC.

My cock carved a full twelve inches in the sweat pants.

Her cold hands dipped under my pant trouser. She squeezed the stretch of the cock and for some seconds I felt her hands shivering, her eyes closed as she moaned. Her breasts crashed into my chest as her hands slipped to the tip of my cock.

I wrapped my hands around her waist and for some seconds I felt the warmth of her person transfer into me. I lowered my right hand to the massive cheeks of her booty, lifting her ass with both hands. The folds of her buttocks locked my hands in the warmth of the middle. I pulled the hands slowly out of the massive booty; letting my fingers locate her clitoris.

She was wet.

I dipped a finger into her pussy and she moaned loudly, lowering as though being weak and falling from the slight tilt of my finger.

I grabbed her mouth and kissed her deeply; as I did I lifted her, her legs wrapping around my waist. I moved to her room after she willingly pointed her finger in the direction; dropped her on the bed, removed the sweat pants and knelt at the edge of the bed; just beneath her pussy.

She was wet, her pussy creamy and her pubic hair standing. She was pierced in the pussy; was the pussy pink from makeup?

I began sucking, licking her clits before positioning my dick to dip deep into her pussy. She couldn’t take it; her screaming and moaning was erotic, compelling me to pierce further. I pinned her down the bed and for several seconds I couldn’t stop throbbing. Her waist tilted upwards as she struggled to contain the pleasure.

She grabbed my chest, repeatedly adjusting her waist as my cock wondered from left to right of her pussy, smashing at an increasing rate. I was a full thirteen inches at the time, and the girth of my cock scrubbed the sides of the pussy.

She was struggling to contain the pleasure and pain. As I fucked I soon started sucking the nipples, my mouth locked on one as the other hand fondled with the other nipples.

Was this milk I was tasting? I thought to myself.

“Harder,” she said, holding my waist and slamming me from underneath.

In response, I slammed harder. Twenty minutes had passed and I could feel my waist paining. It was just yesterday night I fucked Hannah. I hadn’t eaten or even rested after that, because of the scouting for clients I did throughout the night.

“Harder,” she kept demanding, and no matter how hard I tried I felt myself perform below expectations.

This was way past forty-five minutes and she wasn’t getting satisfied any time soon. I felt the cum gathering. I was already losing stamina. She noticed my slowing down but still wanted some good fucking, shouting, “don’t stop, go harder.”

I burst into her; panting as I laid down over her monster breasts. She smiled, patting me on the back as we locked lips in a long kiss. I was panting, breathing heavily as my cock lost its erection.

The door burst open and agents of the EFCC stormed the room, with their weapons drawn, screaming orders at us. I quickly ducked, looking the other way, hiding my face.

“How dare you barge into the privacy of my living quarters?” the woman challenged them as she also covered us in a huge duvet, leaving only her face visible.

As soon as some of the officers recognized her voice, they hurriedly evacuated the premises, apologizing, “sorry madam, sorry ma,” they kept repeating as they retreated.

“This act of indiscipline will never go unpunished,” she screamed at the top of her voice, picking her mobile phone to make some calls. At this point the men had vanished from the property.

She stood and took gentle strides to the door of the room, locking it afterward.

From where I was I could hear the armed members of the EFCC complaining about how their boss was at this undisclosed location without any of her security details.

“I am Funmilayo Johnson, the South West Director-General of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, and you my dear will be going to court for your crimes,” she went to the bathroom and got some wipes.

My heart was racing, because as she still spoke she picked her phone, dialing, then speaking, “inspector, why did you infringe my privacy?” She demanded over the phone.

“I am sorry ma,” he was stuttering on the other side of the phone. “We had credible evidence that a certain yahoo-yahoo boy made way into the apartment, and we thought moving ahead with the arrest before he elopes was the best line of action, at least to save the case.”—

“Did you contact me for authorization before effecting an invade order?” She roared over the phone.

“We did ma. We called your line several times and even visited your property. Your personal assistants Musa and Aisha claimed you were in bed and begged not to be disturbed.”

She smirked; remembering that she told her staff to completely deflect any attempt to reach her.

“Hold on,” she said, turning to face me.

“What’s your name?” She asked

“Bankole Jones,” I answered, shivering.

“This is the rule from today on. I hide you here and provide everything you need to survive, money, food, clothing, and a legit online job. I’ll also let all this EFCC arrest whatever go away.”

I heaved a sigh of relief, slouching back to the bed.

“You, on the other hand, got to get the dick back up and start banging my pussy; four rounds in the day and four rounds at night, apart from days when I’m in my period or days when I’m not just wanting the fucks. You will be a permanent boy toy.”

I was frozen; day and night fucking? I couldn’t digest the loads of information she was buffering to me.

I was thinking, not sure of how to respond. I know this is definitely something I want, but fucking round the clock felt like slavery.

She unmute the phone, “officer, are you sure about that information you giving me, because I could instruct you to come back for some thorough searching,” she said the last words of the sentence slowly, nodding at me, at least so I’d understand the implication of her words.

“Yes madam,” he continued, emboldened.

“Credible evidence and eye witness supports the claim, and with near-zero margin of error,” he was still talking. She wore her robe, while the phone was still on speaker and went to the window, studying their position, contemplating her next line of actions.

“You raped me,” she whispered, “and you will die as soon as you get to the station. I can’t risk my reputation being damaged by a peasant.”

She returned to the phone, “officer, come for the search,” she ordered.

“I will do it,” I screamed, but she had disconnected, leaving the room.

I was crying, begging, stuttering and stammering. But she said nothing.

She locked the door behind her and for some moments I couldn’t stand. I was panting, restless, shivering, peeping through the window as I tried to think of what exactly I could do.

I heard the officers climbing the steps with swift hastiness, emboldened by her order.

“Are you mad;” her voice roared into the silence. The officers had arrived at the parlor; scattering at the fierceness of her rage.

“First you invade my privacy and saw my nakedness, and again you come back to; to rape me?”

Junior officers hurriedly scampered away, leaving their commanding officer to face her wrath.

It was at this point her personal security outfit emerged, some of whom were superiors to the commander that led the operation.

“Officer you have being relieved of your duties and are under arrest,” a senior officer in her protective infrastructure confronted the commander, two other personnel disarmed him, handcuffing him afterward.

She dismissed the scene and returned to the room.

“The day you break this deal is the day you will die,” she said to me, losing her robe as she laid on the bed, opening her laps and revealing her monster pussy.

“Come for dinner,” she muttered, letting her fingers caress her clits.

I laid over her and began eating the pussy. She too was moaning, screaming as she let the pleasure and the pain become and unbearable force that gathered inside her and burst in a warm bath of squirt.



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