The TRUTH is like ALOMO

Question (Olufunke84):
How can you help someone who hates the truth and it is important you do especially since the person is your blood?
The bitter TRUTH is that you cannot help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. That’s the gospel truth.
I have a friend whose Father is very adamant – he never believes anything except he experiences it himself or hears it on the radio. There was a day he was to go on a fairly distant trip and I told him that the holdup was mighty as I was just coming from that way. He did not believe me as he kept arguing that it was not announced on the radio yet so he was going to proceed. He went ahead to make the trip and ended up spending over 6 hours on a journey of less than 45 minutes.
Another one is, when his children came home from the higher institution after they were sent home because of the rioting. He argued with the child that he didn’t hear on the radio that the school had been closed therefore the child musta been lying. Until he finally found out that there was not only a riot but that a few students lost their lives in the process. Only then, did he accept.
Now the thing is, assuming the children had gone back to school after he insisted that they weren’t on strike and they had been killed with the riot, am sure he woulda hated himself for not listening (too late).
What I am insinuating is, if a person doesn’t see the need for a change, there’s nothing anyone can do about it (not even GOD). He/She would have to learn the truth the hard way. I said not even GOD because he has given us the ability to choose and that is why when He put Adam in the Garden of Eden, He told him to eat of all the fruits in the garden except for one (choice). God could have as well not planted the tree in the garden at all.
But here are a few tips to help (#WOW101):
  • ·         Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it
  • ·         Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored
  • ·         The truth will set you free but first, it will make you miserable
  • ·         Truth exists; only lies are invented
  • ·         A harmful truth is better than a useful lie
      I hope with these few points, I have been able to CONFUSE you and not to CONVINCE you.


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