The ‘Simba’ Is A Sexual Act That MIGHT Ensure He Never Calls You Again

If you never want to see a guy again, you might want to “Simba” him. Come on, guys can get clingy too, so if you’re just down for a casual sex session and don’t want him to call, you might want to know how to “Simba.”

That’s right, Simba, like from The Lion King. Except in this version, it’s WAY more vulgar.

So, what is Simbaing? When you’re having sex with a guy and he pulls out to cum on you, don’t let him wipe up the mess right away. Instead, take your thumb, dab it in that warm, slimy pool on your thigh, and then slowly wipe it across his forehead. As you’re doing it, stare him straight in the eyes and whisper “SIIIIIIIIIIIIMBA.” Make it nice and drawn out. The creepier, the better.

As an alternative to whispering, you can say, “Everything the cum touches is mine.” Take your pick and get ready to creep him out, piss him off, or send him into a fit of laughter.

The whole idea is pretty hilarious to me, so I decided to ask a couple of guys what they thought about Simbaing.  I asked some male friends what they would do, and this is what they had to say about this incredibly strange sex act

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