The real reason Rihanna cancelled her Grammys performance

RIHANNA officially cancelled her Grammys performance due to “bronchitis,” but sources have exclusively told the New York Post’s Page Six it was just a ploy to get her out of the awards show at the 11th hour, because she feared giving a lacklustre performance.

“She felt like her performance couldn’t compare [to some of the other artists’], and she was trying to avoid the embarrassment because she knew it wasn’t the right comeback performance,” said an insider. “She said, ‘I’m not doing this’.”
Sources said RiRi rehearsed her tune Kiss It Better twice, but then got cold feet after seeing Kendrick Lamar and others rehearse.

Another source who saw the pop star’s rehearsals told us, “It was underwhelming. The performance was like a throwback to an ’80s talk show. James Corden was going to introduce her, and she was supposed to walk over, talk to him, then gyrate on the mike.”
The source continued: “People were watching like, ‘Oh, is that it?’ She was singing parts of the song live, but it had a lot of recorded vocals [in rehearsal]. We were surprised when she rehearsed the ballad [all the way through], because we thought she was going to kill it and come back with [her more upbeat single] Work. It didn’t seem like Rihanna.”

Producers then powwowed with her team. “It was an intense conversation. It didn’t seem like they were discussing a doctor’s note,” the Post was told. But another source said the singer “looked upset after rehearsals and a doctor came to see her … after the doctor talked to her and told her the diagnosis, she was forced to pull out.”

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