The 3 REAL Reasons She’s Uncomfortable Being Sexually Intimate With You



Sexual intimacy is deep and there are many ways women can feel uncomfortable.

Reasons why women are uncomfortable with sexual intimacy. The answer to this question is not simple.

Women are complex. Therefore, wouldn’t the answer to this question be complex? My intention is to simplify this answer as much as possible and bring more clarity to the dilemma many are faced with in the bedroom.

Women are just as sexual as men. We are all sexual beings. Sex and sexual expression is a normal and healthy part of being human. Sex is about the uniting of energies, a coming together.

Imagine being uncomfortable with sexual intimacy. That must be painful for a woman when she finds herself in such a situation, especially if it is with someone she dearly loves and cares for.

How many women are suffering from such a situation? Why is this happening? What can be done about it?

Sex and sexual intimacy, especially in a heterosexual union, means a coming together of opposites. A man’s body and sexual nature are quite different from a woman’s body and her sexual nature. Everyone’s sexuality is as unique as their fingerprint.

However, there are general differences between men and women when it comes to our sexuality and sexual needs.

There are many reasons why a woman would fear sexual intimacy. Here are three very common reasons:

1. We think something is wrong with us.

According to sex therapists, the number one complaint that women say regarding their body and their sexuality is that they believe there is something wrong with them. When I found out about this, I felt extremely sad.

Unless you have a medical issue, the idea that there is something wrong with you and your sexuality is the furthest thing from the truth. I believe a woman’s sexuality is just the opposite. A woman’s sexuality is all that is right in the world.

When a woman looks at her sexuality with a high level of self-respect and reverence, she operates in a completely different manner in her intimate relationships.

She owns her sexual nature and claims it has her own. She isn’t apologetic about who she is as a sexual being and knows that her unique sexual nature is a special part of her personal expression.

Society’s definition of a woman’s body is false.

She has come to this conclusion because she has educated herself about her body and her sexuality and has confirmed what she suspected all along… that societies definitions of a woman’s body and her sexuality are false. She unequivocally knows not to buy into societal beliefs that confuse or disempower her and her relationship with her body.

Instead, she chooses to continue her own personal inquiry to discover the unique and special mysteries her sexuality holds for her. Through this personal inquiry, she has learned how to feel comfortable in her body.

If you do not do your own personal inquiry through education and support and feel that there is something wrong with you, it will cripple you in the bedroom. It cuts you off from your ability to open up when you are busy being self-critical, confused, or always wondering if how you are isn’t the way you are supposed to be.

It stops you dead in your tracks and puts a wall between you and the world of intimacy, connection, and pleasure.

I want you to know that your sexuality is as unique as your fingerprint. It is perfect, whole, and complete just the way it is.

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