Tension between Beyonce & Jay Z at family dinner?

When you see them out they look very happy, but then American tabloid like to make their fans think the power couple are only pretending. According to a report by Radar Online, during a recent party, the tension between Beyonce and Jay Z was so thick they couldn’t even hide it …Read below…

“They had a private dinner on Saturday for about ten people consisting of their inner circle, family and business partners,” the insider said. According to the guest, “They could hardly have been more detached!”

“Beyonce and Jay Z barely spoke two words to each other the entire evening. She complained about the food that he had catered, and said that it was not her people that had made the meal,” the source claimed.

“But Jay Z was very dismissive to Beyonce all night long and had disappeared before all of the guests had left,” the insider told Radar.

“Beyonce was left to wrap up the soiree on her own.”

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