Tell us more about your uni friends. Teekay answers

Question (Anonymous):
I like the idea of your blog. I read about your University days. Tell us more about the friends you had in school and how they all impacted your life.
Well, I had quite a few friends and plenty acquaintances (check the dictionary for meaning of friend and acquaintance) and they were very influential to me one way or the other.
Before I continue, let me chip this in – Dear readers, find this few facts below and ponder before you read on…
  • If no one in your circle ever disagrees with you, you are surrounded by FANS not FRIENDS
  • Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.
  • Many times, “friends” can’t support you publicly because of how they’ve spoken about you in public
In continuation of the answer to the question above, I had about 4 friends named – Olatunde, Somefun, Chika and Olamide (not their real names though some readers can decode them). Moving on, I am going to talk about them and you should be able to deduce how they imparted me from their profile.
OLATUNDE – He was my closest pal (as in 5 and 6). We were always everywhere, every time. We drank together, played together, “whined” together, slept together (in the same room i mean oh. 4 years no be joke oh), ate together and what have you.
He is a very smart and deep guy that doesn’t take life too hard as he understands that life is short and you got to smile while you still have teeth.
He is a ladies guy BTW (i was quite jealous of him tho). We have been through so many issues that almost even got us expelled at some point but #babaGODnoni.
I even picked quarrels with him and we snubbed each other for a while but we always got back together.
SOMEFUN – This guy was my roomie and bunkie. He is one funny dude. One thing i like about him is is simplicity and humility (am sure his head is swelling already).
Whenever he had issues with his books, he was always bouncing back stronger.
He is from a very rich background but you would never know (we dey broke at the same time and vice-versa).
CHIKA – She was my one time girlfriend. We broke up at a time and we are back together again (dancing/love-struck).
I lately just found out that she’s deeper than I taught which explains why she was mostly quiet (when am blabbing).
She is fun to be with and very caring. We always studied together (not books alone oh). She is also from a very stable background (unlike me) but she’s kinda cool too.
OLAMIDE – She was also my reading partner at a time (always trying to pick my brains).
She is deep too and smart and strong and FINE (wish we dated tho). I used to taunt her a lot and she feels am a pain in the neck (NB: I AM GENTLE).
Whew…. I think am done now but needless to say all my friends are doing well in the corporate world now. #babaGODnoni.

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