5 Smart Ways To Make Troubsome Clients Happy

Handling stressful or difficult clients is not something many businesses look forward. Regardless, they have no choice than to deal with the client’s complain because they are the oil that lubricates any business.

Clearly, they exist in every business but you know that it is better to keep them if you can. This is why they say that the customer is never wrong. So, how may you keep your difficult clients?

1.       Allow them to vent Image result wey dey for make clients happy

Sometimes, you have to just keep quiet and allow your client to express everything on their minds. You should note that they become difficult because t

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Here Are 5 Amazing Ways To Defeat Procrastination

Procrastination is the action or habit of delaying or postponing something. We are all guilty of this. Quite a number of things may result in the reluctance to perform a task. One of which is a lack of motivation. Regardless, you should know that whether you postpone it or not, no one will do your job for you. This is a reason why you should not procrastinate. But if you are among those who are chronic procrastinators, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares ways you can defeat procrastination.

5.      Do one thing at a timeImage result wey dey for defeat procrastination

Large tasks usually appear inundating. You should break down the task into sm

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Save Money On Internet Expenses. See How To Do That In 5 Simple Ways

A good internet at home is essential whether you are a Netflix freak or you are just trying to keep up with your friends on social media. Unfortunately, every month your internet bill keeps rising that you want to stop subscribing.

The fact is that you can reduce your usage and still get affordable internet service monthly. Below are ways to can cut your internet bill.

1.     Get the best competitive priceImage result wey dey for save money on internet expenses

If you are frustrated with your high internet bills, you can take time out to research the cost of buying data from several other Internet Service Providers. When you have done this, contact your service

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Social Media Has Changed Customer Service So Far: See 7 Ways

The power of social media cannot be underestimated by any serious brand or organisation especially when it has to do with customer satisfaction and engagement. It has completely changed interaction with customers.

So, how has social media revolutionised customer service? Read on to see the ways or how this is happening.

1.       Public and open interaction with customersImage result wey dey for social media changed customer service

Today, customers can have public and open interaction with any brand whether they have complaints or not. There is nothing that is hidden anymore.

2.      Variety of options

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5 Ways Guys Are JUST As Hopelessly Romantic As Women Are

It may be comforting to know that when it comes to the thrills, chills, and spills of mating in the 21st century, men are equal and eager participants.

If you’re not convinced yet, consider the evidence:

1. Male pattern boldness


The assumption seems to be that romance is something specifically associated with women, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. When I think of a grand romantic gesture like a candlelit dinner at a four-star restaurant or a surprise tropical getaway, there’s usually a guy involved.

Putting it another way, in order for a woman to get whisked away for a weekend in Bermuda, someone has to be doing the whisking.

2. Breaking the ice takes extra strength antipersp

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4 Ways Fighting In Front Of Your Kids Is Actually GOOD For Them

Here’s why it’s OK to fight in front of kids:

1. When your kids watch you express anger in a healthy way, it gives them positive tools to deal with their own strong feelings.


Anger is definitely one of those emotions that get a bad rap in our society. Maybe you were told to “stuff it” as a child or that it’s “not nice” to get really mad.

It’d be great if all parents had the presence of mind to say “It’s OK that you’re angry, but it’s NOT OK to hit or scream at your brother/sister/friend. Take a time out and go punch your pillow instead.”

The next time you start to feel your blood pressure rising with your partner and little eyes are watching, you can do just that (punching a pillow is optional). But be sure to c

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3 Ways Good Sex BRAINWASHES Women

Here’s how sex brainwashes women:

1. Oxytocin

Oxytocin has been described as the “cuddle” or “love hormone” and it’s released during sex. This hormone is powerful because when it’s released we automatically begin to attach to and trust the man responsible for triggering it. And oxytocin is more an issue for women than men, because estrogen promotes oxytocin, while testosterone inhibits it.

2. Dopamine


Dopamine is also released during sex and initiates a reward circuit in the brain which creates lasting memories of it as a pleasurable experience.

In her Psychology Today article, Samantha Sm

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6 Ways To Be a Better Listener

Listening is not a concept and idea that is unique to everyone. Some people cannot just listen to you when you are talking to them. They simply lose concentration.

This is why there are so many complaints about people finding it difficult to understand each other in a relationship because they do not listen.

Well, if you are not a good listener, you are in luck! we share tips on how to become a better listener.

Listen to learnImage result wey dey for great listener

Certain individuals listen just because they want to be polite. They are not interested in whatever you have got to say. Hence, they are right there with you but their mind is somewhere else. At the end, when you

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10 Weird Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You

Our brain decides how we perceive everything around us. It informs our decisions, guiding us carefully through the fog that is the world around us . . . except for when it lies to us. You see, our brains are fickle friends and love to play games. Often, what we think is true is actually just our brains messing with us.


10. Semantic Satiation

Have you ever repeated a word several times and found that, after a while, it started to lose meaning? If you have, you needn’t worry—scientists have studied this phenomenon and call it semantic satiation. Studies found that as you repeat

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6 Ultimate Ways To Calm Down When You Are Overwhelmed

Many at times, when demands, requests or workloads are over-the-roof, it is highly possible that you get overwhelmed. And when inundated, you will lose concentration, get angry and you are bound to make mistakes.

We notice that when mistakes are made you have to bear the consequences because no one cares if you were under pressure or not.

Therefore, it is important to remain calm no matter the pressure. Read on to discover the ultimate ways to calm down when you are under pressure.

Get someone to help youImage result wey dey for wayss to calm down when overwhelmed

This may sound simplistic but it works. If you are overwhelmed and it is very clear for only you to handle t

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6 Sure Ways To Achieve Financial Independence

Financial independence means that you will never be broke. Whenever you need money, you can easily make it available. Even if this is not the case, you can take care of yourself and your family without any need to call on friends to lend you money.

In a country like Nigeria, this is a bit difficult due to the trending economic downturn and the lack of a stable business environment. Regardless, you have no choice than to be financially independent. See the tips that will help you to be financially independent.

Income is not wealthImage result wey dey for financial indeppendenc

This is one mistake many people make. They think the more they ea

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5 Smart Ways To Stop Thieves From Using Your Mobile Phone

You have lost a phone to thieves before. The experience is very bitter. Annoyingly, the phone will disappear without your knowledge. After the phone has grown wings, that is it and many of us scarcely do anything about it.

We just move on. Meanwhile, the phone thief is confidently using your phone calling your friends and demanding for money. Many have fallen victim to this theft.

In line with this, we have gathered 5 ways to stop thieves from using your mobile phone.

Block the SIM cardImage result wey dey for block the sim card

Most times, the SIM card is the fir

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3 Ways Women Say ‘I’m Into You’ Without Words

A woman’s body language often speaks louder than her words. (Hey, you’re giving off signs, too!) Women tend to be subtle in the ways they show their physical attraction. If you’re not paying close attention, then she might make a connection with someone who is.

Here’s how to tell if a girl likes you by paying attention to her body language.

1. She’s touchy feely.

Touch is stimulating and intimate, releasing feel-good endorphins. If a woman touches you, she’s making a connection that says she’s into you. Hands aren’t the only body part to get into the action. Her leg may brush against yours. Or, her shoulder may brush up against you.

No matter if her touch is accidental or on purpose, she’s sending you a

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