6 Hard-To-Break Habits of Chronically Unhappy Wives

I’m not here to profess some grand happiness formula for marriage, seeing as I’ve only experienced this one life, with this one man, over a short eight years. Nor will I pretend to know all of the intricate, deeply seeded reasons for your own unhappiness. Happiness is wildly inconsistent and subjective.

But I do know a thing or two about chronic unhappiness. The way it simmers under the surface of our lives, building up pressure, and how each heavy sigh is like an emotional relief valve. I know how easy it is to dip into the shadowy parts of a marriage and then mistake it for all of the darkness in my life, even the parts that belong to me.

In talking with my married girlfriends and analyzing the relationships around me (including the one in my house), there does seem to be some consistent habits among t

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