5 Compulsory Tech Accessories For Young Travelers

Being comfortable on your business or leisure travel is essential even though it may not be 100%. A way to guarantee some degree of comfort is the use of tech accessories. The fact is forgetting these travel tech accessories can ruin your trip.

So, these tech accessories are kind of compulsory, especially for young travelers.

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External battery chargers or power banks have become popular. Your power bank comes handy when your phone is out of battery. Remember, there are so many fake external battery chargers out there. Do well to buy the original one. Preferably,, the one that has two USB ports.

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6 Signs Your Child is a Tech Addict

With technology in our faces, it is unsurprising that many of us are addicted to our gadgets. You may be very unaware of this devotion to your device. Irrespective, adults can easily streamline the relationship with their gadgets.

However, for children, this is absolutely not the case. Children are straightforwardly fascinated and carried away by anything. Technology is even worse because it has simplified access to the world. How? You can Google whatever you want on your smartphones at the click of a button.

So, parents should be very concerned and worried because when children addicted to anything at a very young age, it may be difficult to abdicate it as they grow. This is why it is important to look out for some signs to ensure that your child doesn’t fall into the abyss of technology and st

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8 Signs You Are Too Dependent on Tech To Manage Your Business

There was a massive ransomware (which is not over yet) attack that affected over 99 countries and more than 200,000 computers last week. So many services and businesses were disrupted.

Presently, according to reports, $57,282.23 in ransom had been paid to the hackers to allow people and businesses access their computers. A ransomware named WannaCry has been blamed for the unprecedented disruption.

This simply shows how heavily reliant we are on technology.  In line with this, we discuss this and other signs that you are relying too much on tech to run your business.

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