Pink Comes for Kim Kardashian Again!


Award winning singer Pink has opened up on why she blasted Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie last year. 
According to the mum of two while appearing on Watch What Happens Live she hit out at Kim because the reality star took on Bette Midler.

The quarrel started back in March 2016, when Kim posted her famous nude selfie with the black bars across her body. 

Not long after Kim shared the photo, Bette wrote

:’Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants us to see a part of her we’ve never seen, she’s gonna have to swallow the camera.’

Kim of course replied, tweeting:

‘Hey @BetteMidler I know it’s past your bedtime but if you’re still up and reading this send nudes #justkiddin

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Pink Addresses Christina Aguilera Beef – VIDEO


Pink stopped by ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and opened up about her former feud with Christina Aguilera.

The ladies have since made-up, but Pink says that back in the day things nearly got physical between them.

“We were super young and super new at the whole thing. I think I’m an alpha and she’s an alpha. And I’m used to taking my altercations physical and she’s used to having them verbal. We’re just very different,” said Pink. “Women have to learn how to support each other. It’s not taught to us on the playground.”

Andy then pressed Pink to find out if things ev

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