3 Kissing Tips That Will Drive Her Wild!

Kissing is one of the best ways to turn a girl on – women love to kiss and it ignites their senses immediately. The same isn’t true for guys – they respond better to visual stimulation, such as porn. However, with a kiss, you allow a woman’s imagination to go wild, which will have her all over you in no time. Here’s how to kiss a girl and make her melt.

You don’t want to surprise a woman with a kiss when she’s not ready, because it can totally backfire and depending on the woman’s mood, it could ruin the whole evening. You want to feel the situation out first and make sure you’re fairly confident that she wants to be kissed before you actually head in for the smooch.

To find out if she’s really ready for you to make the next move, get in your girl’s space while flirting . Move in clos

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