Ibadan Food and Drink Fiesta 2017 (#Ibadanfoodanddrinkfiesta)

Ibadan Food and Drink Fiesta 2017-IFDF is an organized fair for companies,organizations,manufacturers, group or individual in the production of food related product be it fresh, processed or packaged in a conducive environment
eliminating all barriers between product owner and its consumer.



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Ibadan Misconception Disproved

The perception Nigerians have about the city and people from Ibadan is bad and quite wrong. The city and people have been repeatedly maligned. They are branded local, uncivilised and old-fashioned. This is absolutely wrong.

But, according to social norms, when you keep saying the same thing about people or a city and their way of life, such statements, whether they are true or not become acceptable.

In line with this, we discuss the magnificence, beauty, and culture of the city called Ibadan to help dispel or disprove some of this perception.

About IbadanImage result wey dey for ibadan city

Ibadan is the state capital of Oyo State, Nigeria.  It has a population of over 3 million and ar

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