6 Ways To Seamlessly Handle Your In-Laws

So how do we navigate the waters of prior perspectives, beliefs, teachings, and past experiences without losing our own values, beliefs, and self-worth? How do we deal with in-laws without losing ourselves in the process?

1. Limit your expectations.

Expectations put pressure on reality to be perfect, and when reality doesn’t deliver we feel like failures. Therefore, it is important to let go of how things, events, or relationships should look like and do what is good for you.

Traditions have their place but when they don’t work for you and your circumstances, modify and incorporate them to the best of your ability.

2. Be curious and open-minded.

The best way to go about getting to know people is asking open-ended questions that start with wha

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6 Ways To Seamlessly Handle Your In-Laws (Without Losing Yourself)

Meeting new people, switch workplaces, move out to a different location, and dealing with an illness are just a couple of examples of the changes that requires integration and blending in.

In all my years of coaching, I haven’t met a client who told me that they never experienced change in their life.

Often, it is more about them wanting to make a change (for example, creating more business or finding a partner) or there are so many changes happening all at once and they want some help with dealing with them.
The most complex change is going from being single, where you are free to do what you want, to becoming part of a couple, where you have to negotiate commitment and accountability with and towards each other.

If that’s not complicated enough, there’s the extended family on BOTH sides who wants t

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