10 Things in His Car That Are Major Red Flags


1. Manly Scented Air Freshener: Cheater (Aspiring or Otherwise)

If he has a little pine tree that smells like an extension of his Axe body spray, he is either trying to hide the scent of someone else, or just himself. No one goes to those lengths if they’re not trying to distract you with the stinging aroma of every frat boy’s body odor multiplied and packed into a Jeep. No one.

2. Fuzzy Dice: Thinks The Big Bang Theory Is the Funniest Show on TV

When have you ever gotten into a car with fuzzy dice and had a good time? Never, because the only people who have them are either desperately stuck in the ‘70s or think “Halloween Pimp Costume” is the hilarious decor aesthetic to go for. This guy will not make

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All you need to know about the most expensive new car eve, Rolls Royce Swept-tail, worth £10 million

Rolls Royce Swept-tailRolls Royce Swept-tail – British luxury car maker, Rolls Royce has crafted the most expensive new car eve, the £10 million two-seater, Rolls Royce Swept-tail. It takes its name from the ‘swept-tail’ design of Rolls-Royces of the 1920s-30s and is built to mirror the elegant lines of a racing yacht.

The outrageously expensive vehicle is the brainchild of an unnamed super wealthy customer who approached the brand with his vision of building a unique one off car.