7 Secrets To Being AMAZING In Bed

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a working knowledge of 52 sex positions or a background in porn to be ridiculously good in bed. Instead, it comes down to more subtle (and realistic) factors that you may already possess.

And if you don’t, we’re here to help you learn how to be good in bed and hone the skills you really need to blow your partner’s mind.

1. You’re not judgmental.


Whether it’s hearing out your partner’s fantasy or allowing yourself to really identify your own, being open to different desires and turn-ons is essential in a partner.

“Remember it’s all in the realm of fantasy — it’s not something you ever have to do,”

o put aside your judgments and really listen to the desires of you and yo

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7 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Be With A Man Who Doesn’t Go Down on You

2017 is the year of the clit. It’s time, everyone. Oral sex makes the world go ’round. Or, at least, it makes your eyes roll around to the back of your head. It’s passionate, it’s selfless, and it is absolutely needed in relationships.

On both sides, mind you. Everyone should be getting some oral sex in a relationship. It’s the spice of life, y’all.

Now, don’t get salty on me when I say things, but it has to be said. No guy worth dating doesn’t give head. This is not up for discussion. This is not a debatable theory I am putting up for scrutiny. No. This is an empirical fact.


Here are 7 reasons why you should never, ever date a guy who won’t go down on you.

1. A guy who doesn’t go down is selfish.

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