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Boldly displayed in front of my house is this signage: We Shoot To Kill. Trespassers Will Be Violated.

Why this provocative warning? Many may wonder, perhaps many more are careful to hang around my property, before they get shot for loitering, for nothing. Well, just putting people on notice that I will violently defend my territory at all times; just like the dog and animals generally, pee on objects to mark their boundaries/territories. Yes, I don mark my territory bedat, no messing around.

Though I have not shot anyone yet, I will not hesitate to use extreme violence in defending my territory if push comes to shove. Yes, I will shoot to kill first, then ask questions later. Yesooo.

When there is heavy rainfall, we need umbrella; when our homes are dirty we need broom to sweep off the dirt, and when there is unfettered increase in crime/violence, we need weapons to defend and protect us and our loved ones at all times.

We all should know that we have a right to do so; and that we not only have the right, but also the duty to take responsibility for how we allow others to treat us.


We need to be able to tell people when they act in ways that are not acceptable to us; to either shape up or you trash them. Yes, like dorty.

Setting boundaries is not about manipulation or wanting to be a control freak. Mbanu!It is impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone who has no boundaries, someone who cannot communicate directly and honestly. It’s like playing football without a goal post on a pitch that has no demarcation.

Learning to set boundaries is a necessary step in learning to befriend ourselves first.

It is one’s responsibility to take care of oneself, and this is not possible if we don’t first of all, own ourselves.

Boundaries define limits; they make clear separations between different turfs.

One of the most correct perceptions about the CharlyBoy brand is that he won’t take bullcrap from anyone and he will speak his mind at all times on matters/issues without fear or favour. After all, him send anybody?


Going forward, we need to start becoming aware of what healthy behavior and acceptable interaction dynamics are, before we can start practicing them ourselves and before we start demanding the proper treatment from others, abi? We need to start learning how to be emotionally honest with ourselves, to start owning our feelings, and to communicate in a direct and honest manner.

It is important to say our feelings out loud; by so doing, we are affirming that we have a right to feelings. Emotions do not define us, they are a form of internal communication that help us to understand ourselves and a vital part of our being, as a component of the whole.

It is vital to own your own voice, to own your right to speak up for yourself. There is no time to be weak and not live. Find your own method to tell people shut the fuck up and they would.Shey you dey hear?

Mark your boundaries, don’t let people shit all over you or use you as door mart.

Enough of the nonsense, people taking advantage of people, fire burn dem.

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