Spice up your Dating, 7 people you should take dating tips from and reasons

Would you trust your friends for dating advice?

Would you take dating tips from your mum, how about your kids, or an ex?

Relationship advice from the right sources can help make your search for ‘the one’ that much easier – from finding someone that gets along with your kids to making sure you don’t make the same mistakes as your friends.

And we’re not just talking lessons in love, but tips on what to wear or where to go – especially when you’ve been asked out last minute.

We round up seven people you SHOULD take advice from, including your single friend, parents, and yes, your kids.

1. MumImage result wey dey for Mum

We’re not talking mumsy advice like listen to your gut, or follow your heart – although they’ll be plenty of that too.

Call on your mum for anything – from is he taking your for granted to are you ready to move in together?

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