Snow Storm In America Heightens, Leaving 19 People Dead

The East Coast of America was getting ready to dig its way out of record-breaking snowfall this morning after historic storm Jonas battered the nation on Saturday. Glengary, West Virginia, topped the charts for the East Coast blizzard with an astonishing 40 inches of snowfall, but 67 locations, mostly in West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland, reported at least two feet of snow. Baltimore alone saw record-breaking snowfall of 29 inches, Dulles International Airport outside of Washington (left is the snow in the capital city) was just behind at 23.5 inches of snow, which puts it third all time for that location with another eight hours or so of snow forecast, while New York City (right) saw 26.8 inches – just 0.1 inches short of the 2006 record. Ten states declared emergencies, with more than 12,000 flights cancelled across the country over the weekend. Pictured is a man walking through a snow-covered street in Washington (main image) and a satellite image showing the scale of Storm Jonas (inset). Forecaster Ryan Maue said he was out of words to describe how bad the storm was, adding: ‘This is going to be one of those generational events, where your parents talk about how bad it was.’ Today, it emerged Storm Jonas is heading across the Atlantic bringing violent storm force winds and heavy rain to the UK this week.

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