Situations Where You Should Say ‘NO”!

For many of us, its always very hard, if not extremely hard to say “No” to people. We feel that when we say no, we’ll be upsetting them, so we just go ahead and say yes, dis-comfort ourselves, destroy our happiness just for the other person to be fulfilled. I’m not saying it is not okay to be helpful and all, all Im saying is that you know when to say no and when to say yes for the sake of your own happiness.
You do not always have to feel guilty about telling people No, it’s all about taking care of yourself and maintaining your sanity. There’s a saying that goes like this, “Don’t say ‘Yes’ when you mean to say No”. This applies to our daily lives. People regret their actions after agreeing to do certain things or go to certain places when they should have rejected the offer, no matter the penalty you think you might face.

Here are some situations where it’s perfectly okay to say ‘No’:

1. Your partner/spouse: As tricky as saying No to them can be, try to make them see reason for your decision without making them feel rejected or tripping yourself with guilt.

2. Your children: While saying No to them in extremely difficult situations, your reply should be followed immediately with a calm explanation.

3. Your relatives and in-laws: As much as our culture is all about family, while saying No to your relatives impossible demands it’s better to draw up boundaries for the sake of your own family.

4. Your work: Use a firm but polite approach while saying No to your boss’ or co-worker’s demands without upsetting them, especially when your personal time is about to be invaded by work.

5. Your friends:
Sometimes it’s hard to turn down these requests but a good reason while saying No would send a message to them faster.

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