Shy guy asks Teekay if he should date his classmate…

Question (Anonymous):

There’s this lady in my class who has been a nominal friend of mine for a while now. I actually didn’t take conscious note of her until after a certain day when my friends jokingly made the remarks at the hostel weeks back about how she liked me, and I didn’t even care.

Ever since then, I have been careful to take note of her around me. But one thing I want to ask is this: How can I find out if she really likes me before I approach her? I don’t want to go ask her out, when there’s no real interest in me from her.


The bitter truth is the only way you can find out if she likes you like that, is by asking her out first.

If she says NO, then you know and vice-versa but considering that you are already very good friends, you can start up a topic and stylishly ask her by saying things like – what if we were dating and… or one of my friends actually think we are dating…

If she says NO, then you have your answer but if she just giggles and/or laughs it off, you may have a tripper on your hand. You could also use the “we need to talk” card and when you see to talk, tell her that you have really been thinking bout taking your relationship to the next level but you want to really take your time as you don’t want to mess things up btwn you two. If she says OK! then she’s yours and vice-versa.

Kindly give her sometime before you finally ask her out though in any of the situation.

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