I Shit Blood And I’m Preggy… Help!!!

anxiety-and-pregnancy1Question (Anonymous):

I am 7months pregnant but anytime I want to defecate especially when d feces is strong, blood will be coming out from my vagina but once am through, it will stop. Pls, what is d cause? Does it mean that i have an infection? Is it gonna affect my baby? Pls help a sister.


I had to consult the medical people for this question and this is my submission:

My dear, you don’t have any problem at all since you say the blood stops after defecating. What precisely happens is that your anus muscles expand when you want to take a shit (that is very big) and they in turn tear part of your skin which causes the blood ish.

You are fine and when you are delivered of the bouncing baby safely, everything will be back to normalcy.

Stay Strong

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